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How do I educate and alert my clients?

To help groomers educate themselves and their clients, PlaqClnz has prepared an educational Salon Kit with informative oral health posters and client brochures, and detailed ALERT EXAM procedures. Salon and take-home cards are included to track progress and encourage regular PlaqClnz use to improve and maintain pets’ oral health. Having PlaqClnz information and products handy in the salon makes it easy for clients to take a pro-active role in their pets’ oral health.

Your clients look to you to alert them of any potential health problems with their pets. Become a valuable resource by learning the first signs and stages of pet oral disease that, if left untreated, can lead to more serious, expensive, and even life-threatening health conditions.

Take a few moments at check-in time to:

Why Zinc?

PlaqClnz Help Safeguard Pets’ Oral Health

Offering PlaqClnz to your pet parents is a rewarding service that helps protect their pets’ health...and increases their trust in you as a pet health care partner.

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