“As a professional groomer I only want the best for my clients. I tested PlaqClnz products for a month on my own dogs before offering it to my clients. I was amazed!

Glenda Szkrybalo
Glenda’s Grooming, Howell, MI

Praise for PlaqClnz!

Read what others are saying about the effectiveness of PlaqClnz in protecting pet oral health.

An Aussie Pet Mobile Franchisee Reports:
Plaque and Tartar Build Up Blasted Away.

“I ordered one PlaqClnz starter system and gave it to one of my groomers, told her to try it out on a dog, and offer it to our customers. She instantly saw the benefit of this system and believed that we were offering a very beneficial and healthy process. She sold it to almost every customer that she had in the first week, so I immediately ordered more product for my other vans.

In some cases, my groomers have actually seen the plaque and tartar buildup blasted away, and the dogs have instantly "good breath." We are offering the teeth cleaning for $20 and the gel for $20. As an introductory offer, if the customer buys both, we are giving them a $10 discount off of the bottle of gel. We are experiencing repeat business on the teeth cleaning procedure.

It is a little early to tell how much repeat business we will see with the sales of the gel bottles. I am SO grateful that we tried it. It has brought new life to my business!”

Sharon Casagranda
Aussie Pet Mobile of NW Metro Denver
Golden, CO

I Was Amazed.

“As a professional groomer I only want the best for my clients. I tested PlaqClnz products for a month on my own dogs before offering it to my clients. I was amazed! Even if it didn't remove the plaque (which it does) the first thing I noticed was my mini poodle's breath was so much improved that alone was worth the $20! Even my husband noticed!

Also, as a dog show exhibitor I love that my dog’s teeth will wow the judges. They are clean, white and healthy. PlaqClnz is easy to use, the dogs don't seemed bothered by it and the results are FANTASTIC!”

Glenda Szkrybalo
Owner of Glenda's Grooming
Howell, MI
Exhibitor of Bouvier des Flandres, Miniature Poodles & Lhasa Apsos

A Safe and Affordable Way to Snowy White Teeth and Better Health.

“A few weeks ago, Angela, owner of the Bow Wow Boutique, suggested something I was a bit skeptical about. She explained the new PlaqClnz procedure for cleaning plaque from canine teeth without anesthesia – or a big vet bill.

Since I have six rescue dogs, most of them over the age of six, I thought I’d experiment with a little Shi-tzu, Rocky, who’s about 7 years old and not an easy guy to handle. His teeth were in very poor shape and full of thick plaque. I dropped him off reluctantly, since he’s not used to having me out of his sight.

When I picked him up later, the groomer proudly showed me his snowy white teeth – all the way to the back molars. He was happy and I was amazed!

It’s still hard to figure out how the PlaqClnz gel results in such wonders. But their teeth are clean and they are happy. I was so pleased I decided to take two more of my canine “kids” in for PlaqClnz treatment. Their teeth are clean as a whistle and they were not freaked out by the procedure. I’m very grateful to have this safe and affordable opportunity to keep all my dogs in better health.”

Judith M.
Crystal River, FL

The Dental Solution for Cats

“Working with cats only, I get a lot of requests for some sort of dental help for my clients’ cats. Until your product came around I had simply been telling people I do not offer teeth cleaning because I felt it was ineffective and just aggravating to the cats. Now I 100% believe this is the solution my clients have been looking for. Not only does it produce amazing results, but the cats tolerate it surprisingly well. In just 4 days, my oldest cats’ teeth looked like they did as a kitten.

The irrigation is so easy to use and very convenient to have right there in the bathing tub. The bottles for take-home use are foolproof, and the poster included in the PlaqClnz Salon Kit is truly worth 1,000 words. The message and photos are powerful and will really move my clients to 'go for the add-on!' My clients will love this product because I am 100% sure they will see the results it claims to produce, unlike other products we have both tried. This product is better than I ever thought it would be!”

Lindsay Geidel, NCMG,
Certified Feline Master Groomer Cattitude Salon,
Ellwood City, PA

Thrilled to Find PlaqClnz!

“I cannot tell you how cool it is when you show a client their dog’s teeth and the owner’s mouth drops open in disbelief! This product is BETTER than they say it is and the longer it is in their mouths the better it works and it keeps on working too.

Now as far as being a breeder, I have bred and shown Shetland Sheepdogs for over 25 years. I know a pet peeve of judges is looking into the mouth of a beautifully groomed dog and finding nasty, dirty teeth. I have always tried to be a stickler on keeping my dog’s teeth clean, but it is a job both the dogs and I hate, and it is very time consuming too. But with PlaqClnz, it is a piece of cake. It is a job that is now not even a job as it is so easy and it works so fast, I can get all my dogs’ (10 of them) teeth clean in less time as it use to take just scaling one dog’s teeth! PlaqClnz is a great product and I cannot express how thrilled I am to have found it.”

Debbie Ross
Ross Roi Shelties
Crystal River, FL